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The Treasury

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Fund Summary Reports

Monthly Fund Summary Reports

Quarterly Reports

Interest Apportionment Reports

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Quarterly Agreed-Upon Procedures

Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB) Reports

GASB 31 Reports

June 30, 2018 GASB Statement 31 (PDF: 317 kB)

June 30, 2017 GASB Statement 31 (PDF: 170 kB)

June 30, 2016 GASB Statement 31 (PDF: 158 kB)

June 30, 2015 GASB Statement 31 (PDF: 901 kB)

GASB 40 Reports

June 30, 2018 GASB Statement 40 (PDF: 70 kB)

June 30, 2017 GASB Statement 40 (PDF: 23 kB)

June 30, 2016 GASB Statement 40 (PDF: 6 kB)

June 30, 2015 GASB Statement 40 (PDF: 19 kB)

About Us

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The Treasury section is responsible for the safekeeping and investment of funds for the County, School Districts and Special Districts. The Treasury oversees all banking operations for the County and its Departments and is the paying agent for all debt and Special Assessments. All public financing is coordinated through the Treasury, as well as tax and revenue anticipation notes for the County and School Districts and General Obligation bonds for the School Districts. The Treasury also manages an investment portfolio of over $1.5 billion and allocates over $12 million in interest earnings annually.

The Special Assessment section of the Treasurer's Office serves as Paying Agent and Bond Transfer Agent for all of the special assessment districts for the County of Sonoma special districts and the Cities of Rohnert Park, Healdsburg and Cotati. As Paying Agent, the section coordinates payment to bond holders upon call of the bond and, as Transfer Agent, the section maintains ownership records of registered bond holders, including transfer of ownership.

Investment Oversight Committee

The Investment Oversight Committee, created by resolution of the Board of Supervisors in 1996 in accordance with California Government Code, represents all government agencies for which the Sonoma County Treasury is statutorily designated as the custodian of funds as well as other local agencies, such as Special Assessment districts and cities, for which the Treasury does not have statutory oversight but who rely on the Treasurer for investment of public funds. Representatives of cities and districts where the Treasurer does not have statutory oversight participate subject to the consent of the Treasurer and in accord with California Government Code. Membership includes a representative appointed by the County Board of Supervisors; the Sonoma County Superintendent of Schools or her/his designee; a representative selected by a majority of the presiding officers of the governing bodies of the school districts and community college districts in the county; and a representative selected by a majority of the presiding officers of the legislative bodies of the special districts in the county that are required or authorized to deposit funds in the county treasury and a representative of the Sonoma Retirement Board.

County Pooled Investment Fund

The County Treasurer manages the County's investment pool in which certain funds of the County and certain funds of other participating entities are invested pending disbursement. Amounts held for the County, school districts and special districts located within the County constitute 99% of the County Pool. The County Treasurer is the ex officio treasurer of each of these participating entities, which therefore are legally required to deposit their cash receipts and revenues in the County treasury. Under State law, withdrawals by such mandatory participants are allowed only to pay for expenses that have become due. The remaining 1% of the amounts in the County Pool are not legally required to be maintained in the County Pool and can be withdrawn by the depositors for whom these amounts are held, provided such withdrawal will not adversely affect other County Pool participants.

Each governing board of school districts and special districts within the County may allow, by appropriate board resolutions, certain withdrawals of non-operating funds for purposes of investing outside the County Pool. None of the participating entities are currently using this authority. Some districts have from time to time authorized the County Treasurer to purchase specified investments for certain district funds to maturity on predetermined future dates when cash would be required for disbursements.

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